Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PRESEC Osu deserves better

Story: Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah
Form One students of the Presbyterian Senior High School, Osu cannot wait to enter Form Two it is senior high schools (SHSs) went to school. However, the problem of inadequate infrastructure is far from over.
The Junior Graphic visited some SHSs in the Accra metropolis to assess the state of the government’s classroom blocks which were started last year to accommodate SHS One students.
The accommodation situation at the Presbyterian Senior High School, Osu in the heart of Accra is a sordid sight, indeed. On entering the compound, there is this dilapidated structure that one cannot miss but which serves as a classroom.
Most of the students are crammed into the weak and shabby-looking wooden structure which looks like a pen for animals and not a classroom for students.
The structure has little ventilation and teachers have to virtually struggle for space to teach the students.
To worsen matters, the students have to sit on rented plastic chairs without tables. Some of the students copy notes by placing their drawing boards on to their laps for several hours.
Incidentally, the students were chanced upon writing an examination. Those without the boards had to hold the question papers with one hand and write in the answer sheets on their laps.
The government-financed classroom block in the school is yet to be completed and so some of the first-year students use the uncompleted facility which has a handful of tables, while majority of them sit on plastic chairs.
Some of the students the Junior Graphic interviewed lamented the fact that they had to struggle to write notes because of the non-availability of tables and chairs.
The Headmistress, Mrs Diana Denis Welbeck, admitted that that deplorable situation was not the best for students to study in.
She said if the current problems were not addressed promptly, the situation might worsen when fresh students were admitted in September.