Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's boarding time

Story: Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah
Every one who has been to boarding school, especially at the senior high school level relishes the experience because it often is fun packed. So one interesting aspect of senior high school (SHS) for most students is the boarding life. Little wonder that it is the wish of every teenager who qualifies for the SHS to gain admission to boarding house. This is because after three years of junior high school education which is usually day schooling, the desire for change is really great.
Though alot has changed in the secondary schools, there are many things which have not changed since the era of your grandparents to your parents and even until now. For the Form One students who are usually referred to as freshers, it is a new bag of experience, however, for some continuing students, boarding life is simply a bitter- sweet experience.And for old students they will always look back on their stay in school with nolstagia.
There is no way a student can pass through the boarding house without weeding frequently, fetching water to the pantry, scrubbing the bathhouse and running all manner of errands for the seniors.
The Junior Graphic, went round some of the boarding schools in Accra to have a chat on their boarding experiences. At the St John’s Grammar School, the Senior Boys Prefect, Dolland Jisam-Kelly and the Senior Girls Prefect, Nasiba Ibrahim said boarding house is quite an interesting place to be.
They said once you are a junior, you cannot run away from being a homo, or being sent around indiscriminately by your seniors. Besides, there are compulsory works like volucompo ( voluntary but compulsory weeding) assembly, preps and dinning. Whoever is absent breaks the rule and must be punished.
According to them, there are happy moments as well, for instance, during entertainment shows students get the opportunity to have fun. During our spare time in our houses we chat and pick on one another. “In fact that is where you will hear all the latest gossip in the school”, they laughed.
Dolland who looks gentle but very witty said currently he has punished all the Form Three boys to weed for acts of indiscipline
Another interesting issue is the various ghost stories that keep coming up in almost every school. “For example, we were told that the statute of the founder of the school situated in the middle of the school compound moves at midnight with the eyes rolling and emitting fire. As a result, students do not go close to it at midnight for fear of been attacked”, they admitted as they giggled.
Another interesting aspect is that almost every student has a nickname. Below are some of them:
Godfred Antwi — Kwabeberim
Dolland Kelly — D J Kelly
Benard Appiah — Stitches
Christopher Oduro — Chicks Fada
Maxwell Agyeman — Paparazi
Prosper Awaiah — Pizzle
Bernice Adika — Shana B
Sonia Nettey — Delis
David Ankrah — Skinny
Solomon Armah — Snow white
Internal Stars
Best Scientist — Turkson Antwi-Bosiako
Best dancer — Eugene Kisseh
The Funniest — Paul Yemoh
Best Cricket Player (national level) — David Ankrah
Best Artist — Leticia Baiden
Benard Simpson — Best Athlete
Best Footballer — Godfred Antwi
Teachers Awards
Overall Best Teacher
Ms Irene Ocansey

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