Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lesbians take over Accra Mall

Story: HAdiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah

Some lesbians within the Greater Accra Region are now using the Accra Shopping Mall, as a fertile ground to practice their lesbianism.

The mall, which is currently the hottest spot within the Metropolis due to the various entertainment centres, restaurants, clothing shops among others attract a lot of people especially the youth.

At any giving time, smart looking young ladies are on the majority. Some with genuine intentions to shop, eat, watch movies or browse the Internet. Others also storm there basically hang out or perhaps to find suitors.

One major area where such lesbians advertise themselves is behind the doors of the various female washrooms situated at the mall. As soon as one sits on the water closet, the first thing that strikes is the various writings behind the door.

The phone numbers and the names of the lesbians are done with blue ink while others look like numbers written with a sharp instrument. Some of the writings read, “ Are you a lesbian? Call Ophelia on .., Interested in a lesbian? Call ….. I love gals call,” among others. Beside the lesbians, some prostitutes have also written their phones numbers behind some of the restrooms for business.

Interestingly, some people who seem to be infuriated by such inscriptions have attempted to cancel some of them with their pens while others have written “stupid girls you will go to hell against some of the names and contact numbers”.

This reporter feigned interest by calling one of the phone numbers. It went through and the lady said “I am currently doing something at Osu, can we meet at 6:00pm at the eating area at the Mall to take it from there?”

Although issues of homosexuality have taken over the media lately, the lesbians are also in the background doing their own thing with little focus on their escapades.

Lesbian is a term most widely used in the English Language to describe sexual and romantic desire between females. The practice is very common in senior high schools (SHS), especially the girls’ schools where is termed as ‘supi’.

The Daily Graphic interviewed some of the SHS students in Accra and they confirmed the practicing of supi in the schools. Some revealed “ the girls share food together and sometimes sleep on the same bed in the dormitories during lights out. During their birthdays they shower each other with lots of gifts and also fight with other girls over their partners,” they disclosed.

Apart from the activities of the lesbians, there are some men at the mall whose main target are married women. One of such men is a smart looking young man who calls himself Kobby. He takes your number with the intention of coming to your office to show you some products he deals in. Later, he calls your number and all he discusses are issues of sexual relationship.

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